We are 3 days away from making the first departures from #Maine.  We are splitting the travel so hence 2 departures!
The process of saying ‘Goodbye’ is well underway.


While this is just a temporary move, its always tough to say goodbye.  Being a sentimental person, i find it hard to do.

It all started with the leaving of work.  9 years in a company that I have had great opportunities at but also some not so great moments.   A strong team that has weathered too much so to step away was difficult.  Not only leaving a team but also leaving a job/ career.  My identity at home and in the community.  When we moved to Freeport, my husband was the stay at home dad and I was the working mum.  The transition, now to the stay at home parent, is one i am still working on…lifestyle, pace, priorities to name a few.   I’ll write more about my change later.

Saying goodbye to friends culminated in a large house party last weekend.  100 folks turned out to wish us well. Most from near but some from far.  Truly touched to have made great friends while in the USA.  The last 16 years was right there in our home. So many memories resurrected and revisited.  A reminder that connecting with people is important…not just via social media but in person.  Something that I’ll strive to do more of as we embark on life 2.0


The kids got to invite friends independently and they too are beginning to work on their goodbyes.  They themselves will change the most over a year, so while they don’t know it yet, perhaps their goodbyes are more poignant.

As we wrapped up the night with our dearest friends, tears flowed but the world is small, we’ll be back and we’ll meet again…..


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