Where did all the time go?

So here i am, about 10 weeks since my last posting….

Not my intent as i really wanted the blog to be a journal of our year.  Somehow life has taken over and i just haven’t had the time to dedicate to writing about our journey.

I did write a nice post a couple of weeks ago….just as i finished it, I conveniently deleted it so that was the end of that.  Now, i jut need to remember what it was about!

Needless to say, we’ve done a lot – traveled, found a home, spent time with family, went back to school, birthdays and made new friends.  Mostly ups but a few downs….sick animals (non died yet..), home sickness and frustrations around differences around us.

As we settle into real life (back to school), its hoped there will be more time to capture our experience.  As having previously worked full time while raising my family, you would think that now, not working and being at home full time, it would be easy….so far, not so much.

Why am I so unproductive during the week?  I cant quite understand that now i am not working 40+ hours a week, I still can’t get the house clean, create spectacular meals for the family every night and work out/ shed that last 20lbs that’s been hanging onto me for years…its not like I’ve even been writing a blog to take up my time.

Some things i have learnt while having time on my hands:

  1. The housework is NEVER done.  After a few weeks, i am now learning to manage my time here.  Never do it after midday, and focus on one room at a time.
  2. Exercise is hard to do.  I always said ‘if i didn’t work..’.  In reality, i still hate exercise, even without working.  I have had to push myself most days.  Little and often is the current mantra.
  3. Groceries – I am so much more inefficient at shopping now.  Perhaps i know i can go back whenever I need, but daily!? Or perhaps I am less focused when I go. As I am still not creating dazzling evening meals, why cant I get a simple shop right!?
  4. The dog is pretty smart.  He has realized I don’t go to work. His day is spent whining by the front door for ANOTHER walk.
  5. Packed lunches – I still hate this task even though i have so much more time to create them!
  6. I am more productive with a deadline…I have no deadlines…except for school pick up and somehow I am late for that.

More posts to come, I promise 🙂

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