Grief …


Our hearts are broken as we said goodbye to our furbaby Charlie last night. He traveled well to stay with us but we knew he was old and recent months had seen a decline in his health (but thankfully not his happiness).

While we mourn for our loss, I am considering how the loss of a pet may impact our happiness on this journey.   The obvious immediate grief is apparent.  Many tears as we said good bye last night and into today.

Charlie was a large personality and already it feels too quiet without him.  I think worse for me as I am at home now (vs. working).  The kids headed to school this morning…this evening will be difficult to not have him around.

This ‘home’ is one he has only known for 5 months.  Or is it the people that make home? If so, home was constant and never changed…

We only have 5 months of memories of this sweet boy in this new environment, 14+ years of memories in the USA.   We will, and do, feel the void already.  As time will heal some of the loss, I am beginning to wonder if we will grieve this boy twice.

In 7 months time, we will prepare to return ‘home’.  This time, with one less family member.  To a place filled with memories of his life and where he brought us the most joy and happiness.  Will the grief be as intense as we feel now?  Will we re-visit the heartache?

We wont know for some time, but last night, for the first time on this incredible adventure, I wished we were home….

RIP Charlie – Sept 2000 – Dec 2 2015 x




4 thoughts on “Grief …

  1. breakingsarah says:

    My heart and thoughts are so with you! We had to put our dog of 13 years to sleep yesterday morning and the loss and sadness I feel is immense. I now what you are going through my dear. All my love to you!


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