Longleat House

On this journey, we plan to make the most of the UK and all it has to offer.  So this involves keeping busy on every down day!

We have encountered a lot of day trips…which i need to post more about, and also one family vacation so far.

A couple of weeks ago, we opted to go to Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.  This was primarily to go and look at the Lantern/ light festival they have on each year, but we made a day of it and did Safari too.

We had a blast!  The Safari parks are not common in the US, so the concept is a lot of fun – if not a little nerve wracking at times.

We laughed hard in the monkey enclosure and were thankful to leave with no damage to the car.  Lions and tigers were up close to the car.  Probably the closest we would ever see.


Monkeys Longleat House

The Park also offers some walking viewing with animals.  With the Wallabies and Lemurs, you enter the enclosures.  This was great.   Highly recommended and so up close to the animals.


Lemurs at Longleat

Word of warning if you are scared of bats….avoid the bat cave!  We like bats and even have 2 that live on a deck back in our US home.  Entering the bat cave did not prepare us for the enormous bats that would be darting about inside.  It must have been hilarious to see us in there….not so hilarious in the moment!

Another must for animal viewing is the Water safari.  The kids got to feed sea lions fresh fish.  Another life moment they wont forget!

Longleat itself is a stunning building.  We only looked at a fraction of the house but what we saw (beautifully decorated for Christmas), was enough to make us want to go back another time.   The kids enjoyed meeting fairy tale characters and Scrooge was great!


Inside Longleat House


Meeting Scrooge

The grounds are beautifully decorated.  The Singing tree is joyous for Christmas, and lights, smells and sounds of the Holidays are all around.


The singing Tree

The light show is tipped to be the most Chinese lanterns in the world.  While it is a lot, and impressive in size, we honestly found it a little odd…The theme is clearly Chinese, which we knew before going, but when we were there, we felt, we wanted to just stick to Christmas.   Its not even like its Chinese New Year.  The best part of the lanterns were the safari animals.  In keeping with the setting and quite majestic.

In keeping with the theme.  Longleat offers a Chinese Show. Disappointing …skip it.  From all the positive and greatness they provide, we were surprised this was so poor.

The day wasn’t long enough.  We didn’t cover anywhere near as much as we would have liked.  This tells me its great value for money.  A full day and evening of family entertainment with something for everyone.

Highly recommend for those with families…get there early and enjoy it all!



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