The West End – War Horse


I recently celebrated my Birthday (Christmas baby 🙂 ) and was lucky enough to be given Theatre tickets to see War Horse in London’s West End, Drury lane.

While being in the UK, I wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to see a West End show.  A few years ago we did take the kids to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.  It was spectacular and I do believe that life experiences such as these are worth investing in to create memories and build well rounded individuals.

So with tickets in hand, we trotted off to London for the day.   To make a day of it, we opted to start with a museum.   We are not a big fan of busy crowded museums.  Just this last summer. we attempted the Natural History Museum in London.  We lasted 15 minutes before we headed back out of the door.  The number of people, crowds and queues make the large popular museums unbearable.   The rest of the day, we ditched the idea of ‘inside’ and headed into the great outdoors that London has to offer…so much better and kids were happier.

This trip, I wanted to visit one of the many museums has to offer but ensured it was a little more off the beaten path to avoid the masses.

We headed to the Foundling Museum.  Focusing on the history of the Foundling Hospital – the first every UK Childrens charity and first public art gallery.

This museum is great.  Small and easy to navigate.  NO crowds whatsoever and interactive for the kids.  Cost was low.  Kids are free and we had discounted admission with our National Trust membership.

The kids had the opportunity to learn about Foundling children and their lives.  Also the opportunity to dress as the children and fall into character for a few moments 🙂


We spent about 90 mins in the museum so when we were done, we headed out to Covent Garden.  Just a 20 minute walk from Russell Square.  We took back streets to explore and landed in Covent Garden with the usual markets and street acts.

We’ve been to Covent Garden a couple of times.  I find it a little hit and miss.  The kids enjoy it, I mostly just tolerate it.  Fun to experience but only in small doses for me!

After a quick bite to eat, we headed to New London Theatre to see War Horse.  I had been to to the theatre in the the past to see Cats.  Its a small theatre which is great.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house and the performance is close up for all and more intimate in ways.

I was concerned about the story for the kids to see.  I had not seen the movie or read the book but I was aware that the story is sad and could be disturbing.    The stage production is recommended for ages 10+.  I would agree with that and perhaps depending on your 10 year old, maybe slightly older.   All in all, the production was fabulous.  With any concern about content, this is quickly forgotten as you become enthralled with the horses that take to the stage.  The puppetry involved is stellar and at times, you genuinely forget the horses aren’t real.  The kids loved it and my 2 10 year olds remained engaged throughout.  Considering this is a play and not a musical, this reinforces how superb a production this is.  Just make sure you pack your tissues…



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