One of the great things about the UK is the access to low cost air fares.

So on my eldest child’s inset day, I was able to score round trip air tickets for the day to Dublin.  Just £17 each flying from Bristol to Dublin!  What an absolute bargain!  Cheaper than taking a train to London.  Tickets were booked through Cheapoair.   Initially, the low price and tacky name made me nervous but they turned out to be easy and efficient.  Even when I had a query, the call center was highly attentive and did everything to help.

Even better than my teen and I heading to Dublin for a day, I booked for my Sister in law to join us…she flew from Manchester to Dublin.  Same price round trip and pretty much same arrival and departure times!

The flight for us was just 40 minutes.  Quick and easy if not a little bumpy :-/

We only had a day so wanted to get an immediate impression for the city and some big beats.  I had never been before, nor had my daughter so it was all new to us.

Taking the bus from the airport was quick and easy.  Just 10€ round trip.  Journey time was around 40 minutes…as long as the flight!

We headed straight for O’Connell Street, grabbed some breakfast and made a plan.

We booked tickets with the Dublin Bus tours.  This would allow us to see a bunch of ‘sights’ as time was limited.   The tour operators were friendly and even held the bus while we ran to grab a Starbucks:-)   The draw back to the bus is that it is a one way loop of the city.  So if you want to go back to somewhere you saw, you either get off and walk or stay on for another full loop – about 90 minutes.  This proved to be a downside for us as we were indecisive on the bus and then lost valuable time walking back.


Dublin Bus Tour

First stop was O’Connell Street.  It was once known as the widest street in the world.  Not sure if it still is but we went with it.   Explored the Post Office and learnt a little about the Easter Risings of 1916.  Even down to locating bullet holes left on the facade of the building and on surrounding monuments.

The Spire of Dublin is just opposite (home of the old Nelsons Pillar) and was nice to see too…


Spire of Dublin

Next up we headed into Trinity College to see the Old Library and the Book of Kells.  A rumoured must do for any Dublin visitor.  I agree, they are both worth stopping in to see.  The history surrounding the Book of Kells is fascinating.  While my teen didn’t fully appreciate it, she was enthralled with the old library…the bookworm that she is!

We took a stroll down a shopping district.  It was November (apologies for the delay in posting!) so we got to take in some Christmas atmosphere.


Then we hopped on the bus tour…We probably stayed on the bus for an hour…cruising by some of the big beats.  All very lovely.

We decided to head back to the Guinness Factory as another big hit for the day.  This was fun although it wasn’t a tour of the factory per see but more of an informational tour of the great drink and its history – family, brewing, distribution, marketing and more.   We also headed into the sensory experience which was fun.  The teen couldn’t take part but me and my Sister in law could 🙂   Thrown into the price of entry is a free pint in the top floor bar…affording great views of Dublin all around.


By the time we were done at Guiness and headed back to the center, we grabbed a quick bite of dinner in the Temple Bar district and then worked on getting a bus back to the airport for the very quick hop back to England.


It was a busy day but we were lucky enough to experience the city of Dublin, albeit brief.  We enjoyed the day and can see the appeal of Dublin for many.  It was well worth the £17 flight 🙂



4 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Moritz says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun! Dublin is a really interesting city. I’d love to go and review it for my blog (it’s actually one of the few European cities I’m still missing :D)


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