Some may say being in the UK is a kind of escape…running from a life that perhaps we weren’t 100% happy with.  Its hard to tell.  The thought and idea around the adventure did materialize when things were not great at work (for me) and I began to consider ‘what next’.  Knowing leaving my job was to be inevitable, but this was a huge leap.

In short, I worked for a large US retailer, at their corporate offices.  Not mentioning them by name here but there aren’t many in Maine, I am sure you could figure it out.  Labelled as a Great Place to Work, leaving wasn’t an easy decision to make (financially and from a career perspective) but being immersed in the Company and constantly being disillusioned by leadership and the route the business was taking, not to mention an appalling incident experienced by myself and fellow team mates, it was time to go.   Most definitely the right decision from a health and happiness perspective.

When considering a massive life changing decision, for me, many options were on the table.  I am a great believer of things falling into place and that’s exactly what did happen. While I am known NOT to take risk, I am also known as a risk taker.  The difference being, I am always well considered with my approach.  I would have loved to have quit my job a year before I did.  But that wasn’t feasible and also too risky.   By laying out many paths or possibilities, low to high risk, every option was explored and finally, one fell into place!  Lets move to the UK for some time.

We had applied and gained US citizenship the year before.  I guess knowing deep down, we wanted the option to move out of the US.  Come home and be open to new things…without losing it all on a Green Card.   By January 2015, we knew we needed to make decisions and live with them.  Don’t get me wrong, I could have just stayed in my good, well paid job for another 15-20 years and just taken home the money.  Many people do and that’s OK.  But I was coming to realize, happiness was far more important for me.  I needed to free myself of the energy and happiness suck my work environment had become.   So by January, many paths were leading nowhere and we broached the subject of an adventure with the kids.   Within seconds they were hooked and on board….!  Wait a minute – where was the barrier?  Where was the caution?  This path wasn’t putting up any!   Next stop was to negotiate with my husbands company a possibility of working remotely for some time.  Long shot and likely to be the barrier we expected…..NOPE. ‘Sure’ they said.  ‘No problem’.    Yikes!  Again, where are the barriers??  Seems like our path was wide open….the only one that was!

So after some more investigation, we quickly realized how fortunate we were to be faced with such an opportunity.  One that we would be crazy to say no to.  The ability to move counties/continents with no restrictions, continue to hold down a well paid job, be able to rent out our ‘home’ in the US so something to always return to and 3 kids without an ounce of fear in them and looking for an adventure.  I too was lucky.  After an extremely stressful couple of years at work, I was to take a break…

But the ‘running’ doesn’t stop here.   My break has allowed me to do things I would not normally have time for when working full time, raising 3 kids and all that comes with it.

In the past, I have dabbled with running.  I am not great at it, nor fast but I’ve done the odd 5K and couple of 10K races.   With all this time on my hands, perhaps i can do more….?  So March 20th sees me take on my first Half Marathon.  Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Running…

  1. Cindy says:

    I have been wondering how this adventure came about. This endeavor, the blog and your new running drive are all amazing. I admire you all the more.


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