Kingston Lacey


Snowdrops in bloom

Another day trip we made during half term was to the National Trust Property of Kingston Lacey.


Kingston Lacey House


Grounds of Kingston Lacey


Views from Kingston Lacey

I had heard the Snowdrops were in full bloom and i thought it would be nice to see….being from Maine, bulbs don’t typically sprout and flower until May so an early Spring is a treat.  We had a spare day so I packed up a picnic, the kids and the dog and headed out.  Just a short(ish) drive to Wimborne Minster, Dorset from where we live.

Kingston Lacey is a National Trust property.  A country House and estate dating back to the 17th century.  The grounds are extensive and what I particularly liked was the fact I could take the dog!  They will provide you with a map where dogs are permitted which was ample and we took many of the forest trails too which led to Kids playgrounds allowing the younger 2 to burn off some energy.


Chester the Golden enjoying the trails

The Snowdrops and daffodils were in full bloom and coupled with some sunshine made for a please few hours out.

The house is currently closed (except for 2 rooms), so we didn’t make it inside (opting to stay outside while we could!).  I am sure it would be worth a return visit though.

As with any National Trust property, we rounded out our afternoon with a Cream Tea in the tea rooms.  Nicely done in the old stables/ stable yard of the house.




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