Job done!


In a prior post Running, I made mention of my goal to run a half marathon.   Well, this weekend, I did just that!

For many, this may not sound like such a big deal but for me it is a personal achievement that I worked hard towards for a long number of weeks (training began in November).

I am not a natural runner, nor do I have a typical runners physique.  In fact, I am that 40 something mum of three you often see jogging along trying to be a runner.   In the past, I have accomplished the odd 5K and 10K runs but I have never completed a race without taking a break or brief walk.

This weekend, with the Half marathon I accomplished a number of things..

  1. I ran a long distance and achieved my target time
  2. I ran for my longest stretch ever – 9.5 miles before i needed to break into a speed walk for a brief time (those darn hills!)
  3. I set a goal and accomplished it, proving that I can achieve fitness goals – something that my lifestyle has typically  found me too busy to maintain
  4. Most importantly, my kids saw me set a goal, work for it and achieve it.  Lessons for life together filling them with pride (or so they said).

For now, I have my feet up.  The evening of race day, I was struck down with a heavy head cold.  Funny how my body held it at bay allowing me to attain my goals, but it has made me wonder if I could have run even faster now knowing I was probably under the weather…..maybe I’ll run another half to see!

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