Italy, Capri

During our stay in Sorrento we ventured out on a day trip to the island of Capri.

As we were late in the season (mid October), we were really lucky with our booked tour.   As a reference, Sorrento (and all Italian tourist areas) are loaded with independent tour offices.   They all offer pretty much the same trips and tours and prices are comparable.  Feel free to shop around but there isn’t much in it!   We booked a day trip to Capri.  Boat travel, exploring the coastline and Blue Grotto and then onto Capri for a few hours.   We were lucky for a couple of reasons:

  1. Despite being October, the day we traveled, the weather was gorgeous!  So nice, the kids swam from the boat!
  2. We were the only family booked onto the tour = private boat with skipper!

There are alternate ways to get to Capri – public ferry leaving from Sorrento being one of them.  The cost of this itself is not that cheap so what turned out to be a private boat, lunch included was a great deal for a family of 5!

The cruise left from a small port north of Sorrento and included in the tour price was transfers to and from our hotel!  Great value and easy.  The cruise over to the island was pretty and relaxing.  Kids had the opportunity to ‘drive’ the boat and everyone took to the bow of the boat for a little sunbathing.   Skipper stopped off at some waterfalls along the way.




Trying to be chic Italian on board


enjoying the sunny weather


Waterfalls en route


Relaxing on deck

The skipper hugged the coastline of the island allowing us to see splendid rock formations, Blue Mediterranean waters and villages.


As we had the boat to ourselves, we were able to pull over when we wanted and for as long as we wanted.   This allowed for a little swimming – allowing the kids to say they’ve swum in the Med!  Also, for extra fun, my husband and eldest child were jumping form the boat and swimming through some of the arches.  Only OK when other tour boats were not around and I woudl caution around jellyfish doing this!  Fun nonetheless.


The skipper took us to the Blue Grottos. There is an extra fee to enter here.  We opted not to do it.  Mainly because the seas were getting choppy and the grotto rowers were calling time.  We felt it would have been rushed and stressful so opted not to fold it into our day.  We had had the luxury of swimming in alternate blue waters and that was enough for us.

The boat took us to the port of Capri.   We had a few hours here.  Enough for exploring on foot.  We followed the crowds out and set off, off the beaten track again.  We explored many streets and afforded great views of Mount Vesuvius and the coastline.   We found a path to a stunning outlook of rocks we had sailed through earlier.


lookout to where we had sailed through earlier


View from lookout


views from lookout



There is a funicular railway on the island also should you want to avoid some of the hills.  The walking was quite a workout!

To round out our day, we headed back to a main square in Capri, settled in a cafe and treated ourselves to drinks and snacks   Not cheap so be warned for Capri prices but it was a great way to end such a great day.

Knowing skipper was waiting, we headed back to the boat and sped directly back to port!

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