Wales – Anglesey Day 2

We had a great day with a spectacular 7 mile hike along the coast.  The hike started from the house, following the road round to a coastal path just beyond the campground at Treardurr Bay.



Mix of moorland terrain and rocky terrain



Stormy skies and windy weather made for great waves


The route took us along the coast….terrain was a mix of rocky, beaches and moorland.   Most of it pretty flat and easy to navigate.   At each turn, the views were breathtaking and as we had the remnants of Storm Katie, waves were whipping up making it much more exciting to watch.   We were lucky enough not to have any rain which was great.  At one turn we happened upon this rocky cliff.  What do you see??


What do you see?

The walk took us about 4 miles up the coast, passing what we believe was Prince WIlliam’s and Kate’s home after they first wed.  If you recall, he got a job as as a sea rescue pilot on the island for a couple of years.   The house is large but completely isolated.  Far from anywhere or anything.  Probably good security tactics as there is no approaching without being seen.  I can only  imagine its beautiful inside and he views amazing!

Further on round, we come across an ancient Monks bathing house.   My sister in law has visited the island before so she knew a little of the history etc.  This bathing spot was used centuries ago by monks that settled nearby.  Little/ nothing really remains of the monastery but its interesting to think of the solitude they had on the island back then.  Even now, there is little in these remote corners.


Monks bath house

We hiked up onto the Coastal lookout point.  It wasn’t manned this day so no-one to chat too but it was good resting point.  However, we couldn’t get all the way around due to the fierce winds whipping around the point!


Headed over the stile and down to the White Hart

Not far from here, following the path away from the lookout, you will eventually reach the White Eagle in Rhoscolyn.  A pub/ restaurant owned by the Timpson (yes, the cobblers) family.  They own a number of pubs on the island.   The White Eagle is  large establishment which can get very busy at times and was even busy on this blustery day in the off season!.  They allow dogs in certain parts of the restaurant and they were very kind to find a table for the 9 of us, allowing Chester a warm resting spot while we grabbed a light snack…they were also very understanding that, after making Chester comfortable, he then threw up all over the rug!   Absolutely horrifying but after a quick clean up and lots of apologizing as we left, we soon moved on 🙂

We took a similar route back to the house but cut out a few corners of the coastline to shorten the walk.  Luckily for us, the shepherds were out tending to sheep and as we approached a stone wall to cross, there lay a sheep giving birth to a lamb….WOW!  What an incredible experience.  The farmer was on hand for the birth and the kids got to witness this in as natural a setting as possible.  An absolute highlight of our day.


On the island of Angelsey, there is also a Royal Air Force base.  This RAF base specializes in the most elite of aircraft and pilots so through out our day, we had the pleasure of watching jets fly about and make all sorts of aerial maneuvers….tricks you’d pay to see at an air show, happening for us and sometimes, felt like just us.  Formations, loop the loops and more.  We like to think that as we waved with each pass by, they did an extra trick just for us 🙂

With 7 miles of walking, sunshine and brisks whipping around us, we were thankful for the coal fire and hot food for when we returned….The young’uns among the group, cleaned up all the fishing tackle at the house and headed out for some fishing off the rocks.  No luck this time but they had fun trying!

Mother nature was kind enough to grant us this spectacular sunset from the house to finish out our day!


Sunset from Hafn



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