London – Bus Tour, Wicked

A second day to our London trip with teens involved slowing down a little.  Partly because of the weather – pouring rain and partly due to tiredness 🙂

This day we got on the road a little later and as we knew the weather was going to be rough, we opted to try out a Bus tour of London.  You see them everywhere and there are may options to choose from.  We thought this would be a good idea as it would allow our visitor to see many famous landmarks without needing to put in the leg work.  It would also keep us dry…

We opted for the Original Bus tour.  No specific reason…all are pretty similar i think.  We hopped on at Piccadilly Circus and were lucky enough to get upstairs covered seats.  Double Decker excitement!    We toured all the usual sights BUT the weather was so torrential at times, we really couldn’t see a thing….I began to take some photos as I thought ‘guess the landmark’ later could be fun……any guesses?

When the heavy rain stopped and windows cleared, we did get a semi decent view at times..


View from Bus tour, heading down Fleet Street

Howver, due o the weather, i didnt take many photos and opted to listen to the commentary.   We took 2 differnt buses…and i woudl say tour guide on the 2nd bus was much better than the pot luck really when you book and take the tour.

We opted to have a break partway through…the rain had stopped and we were cold so we alighted at Covent Garden and rain to Pain Quotidien for ht chocoalte and a snack.  THis isi my go to stop aroudn Covent Garden.   You can trust the quality of the food and drinks and dont feel like you are being ripped off here.


Making her own hot chocolate

After warming up, we headed back to the bus for the final part of the loop we were on.

For me, the jury is out on the bus tours.  Our visitor really enjoyed it  The slower pace and seeing some more sights.   I don’t think they are great value for money unless you use them more than once.  Unfortunately, we didn’t.  We just didn’t have time for the slower pace when time is limited in the city…

Onto a couple of quick stops for gifts – M&M store in Leicester Square and Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly (both worlds apart!).  M&M I can’t stand – don’t ever go at a peak time of day but the kids do love it. Fortnum and Mason I could spend all day in there!

We then headed to our treat of the day – Wicked the musical.   Again, knowing the weather was bad this day, an indoor treat of a ‘West End’ show was in order.

None of us had seen the musical nor did we know any of the storyline so it was thoroughly enjoyable.  The twists and turns of the story and how they relate back to the original tale of the Wizard of Oz was fun and had us talking about it all the way home!



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