Oh so British…


On a recent weekend, we decided to take a drive to the South coast.  West Bay specifically.  However, en route, we stumbled upon a festival that I would consider so very British.  The festival was a Dorset Knob Throwing festival!   What on earth….?   Exactly what we thought!   So we diverted into the village of Cattistock, following the signs and surprisingly, waited in line to enter!  How did all these people know what Knob Throwing was?

It so turns out that there are approximately 9 Knob throwing festivals through the year although in my research since, I have not been able to find reference to a festival other the one held in Cattistock….keep me posted if you know of them!

Upon entering, we politely inquired as to what a knob is and we were told a Dorset knob is a hard dry savoury roll/ biscuit.   Baked three times to produce a dry crumbly item.   Also, what I understand is that these are only baked at certain times of the year.

Dog friendly event – in fact, the dog loved it.  stale bread rolls everywhere and all over the ground as they were being tossed.  Needless to say, he was full by the time we left!


The Festival is visited by over 5000 people each year and its a key fundraiser for the village of Cattistock, allowing them to supply funds to local organisations to keep the village thriving.

So the festival was a lot of fun.  Well organized games and activities from Knob throwing, Knob darts, Putt the knob and more.  You keep a score card and manage your points that you may score.  This is then submitted for the chance of being top Knob player.   We took part in many of the activities and had so much fun with it.   Sadly though, no prizes for us but that didn’t matter.   In addition to the games, there were plenty of food stands and also craft items.   We ended spending a few hours here and no doubt contributed to the funds raised quite generously 🙂

Knob events….

They take the Knob throwing very seriously…

So if you are ever out driving and see a sign for Knob throwing, don’t be shy, pull over and take part!


2 thoughts on “Oh so British…

  1. grubtasticuk says:

    Haha! I love how you “politely inquired as to what a knob is”. SO pleased you didn’t ask that question whilst visiting Manchester! Although I think you probably know the answer to that already! 🙂

    I’m loving your adventures in the UK. xx


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