Radio City Rockettes, NYC

So a New Years resolution was to blog more often…clearly I’m not doing well on that front 🙂

A little overdue but as we still have snow on the ground in Maine, it still feels like winter and resembles Christmas time so better late than never!

For New Year, we headed on a short trip to NYC.  I hope to blog more about what we did but dedicating this post to the Rockettes.

The kids Christmas presents were tickets to see the famous Christmas show in NYC.  Quintessentially American and full of holiday spirit.   We typically opt for  ‘experience’ over ‘stuff’ for Christmas and so we thought this would be a great and unique event to add to their experiences.

Tickets are inexpensive to this show.   We had excellent seats and the tickets were in the region of $60pp.   Not super cheap but affordable.  There are also tickets much lower in cost and some much higher in cost.  I was pleased with our choice and honestly, I don’t think there are many (if any) bad seats at Radio City.

We saw the show on Jan 1st.  While still keeping the holiday spirit alive, the show is geared heavily to Christmas….seeing it post Christmas is really the only downside.  It would have been much more magical in the lead up to the big day!

We had plumped for a matinee showing.  Allowing us the best part of the day to explore, see a show and head out for a nice dinner.  The show is only 1.5 hours long and there is NO interval so you are very much in and then out.  BUT the 1.5 hours is packed with singing and dancing and really is quite magical throughout.   The Rockettes did a large number of iconic routines so you really did get your moneys worth of entertainment.



As we finished up the performance and headed out of the theatre, night was drawing in and we were treated with the magical lights of NYC and Radio City.   A lovely way to finish out the show and stroll back to our hotel!


Radio City Music hall at Night

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