Broken Promises

So not a critical promise but I did make a New Years resolution to post more!  And I’ve failed 😦

Not through lack of trying but more through lack of time.  Its been a busy year – kids back in school, new school regimes, travel (of which I’ve neglected to write about),, crazy busy summer and starting my own business!!!

Yes – I have gone it alone for my own business.   Having decided I need to continue my break from Corporate America and spotting an opportunity with my experience and skill set, I sought out a mentor and set up shop.

You can find out what I do on my website (which i mastered building myself by the way :)) and I’m pleased to say that it’s so far, so good!

So while I may have broken a promise to myself and my followers, I think I can be forgiven this time around? Thanks!

I still have catch up to do on travel posts from over the last year.  But if I do as i hope, look out for posts on London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Quebec City and more!

Thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to posting some more soon!




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