We are a family of 5 (excluding furry friends), that resides in the beautiful coastal town of Freeport Maine.

Freeport is more famously known as being the hometown of a famous Outdoor retailer…..we prefer to know it more as an idyllic coastal setting for a few lucky folks.  While it boasts high tourist traffic in the summer months, its home to just 17,000 (or thereabouts) year round.

Before we were 5, we were 2…..Two ‘professionals’ looking for a new adventure.  Recent graduates from Coventry University (5 years post), living and working in Central London (UK).  Broke and realizing this was it, life, we embarked on a temporary move to New England (New Hampshire) as part of a relocation package for my spouses job.

Almost 16 years later, 3 children, 3 pets and a different State, we are still in the USA….

While very happily settled in the USA we are looking for a new adventure.

As a full time working mother, feeling a little burnt out (more about that later) some of the change is inevitably going to impact on my career….so to take stock and consider what I want to do when i grow up, we have opted for a ‘year out’, do something different, and spend time with family.

So, with lots of consideration, I am quitting my job, packing the house and shipping the animals and family back ‘home’. Thankfully, my husband’s company will support him working remotely for the year so it lessens the risk with such a reckless move!
So, 2 adults, a teenager, twins, a golden retriever and 2 elderly cats are packing their bags!

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