Back to School….

So the kids don’t get a year off, only I do!

They are experiencing new schools, a new school regime, uniforms and all.

We actually had the kids start school as soon as we arrived in the country.  Couple of reasons to do this:

  1. Jump straight in – avoid the summer anxiety about what it may be like
  2. Apply and secure school places within the school year rather than in the summer.  This will make it less competitive to get into preferred schools in the September.

So off we ran to the local supply store and Tescos to buy the uniforms and we took them in for their first days.

A note on uniforms…not standard for the USA so it’s all new for the kids.  They’ve spent the last 8 years wearing pretty much what they want to school.   Now it will be prescribed whether they like it or not.  My Middle schooler had recently written an argumentative paper AGAINST school uniforms so it was now amusing to see her accept and move forward with it.

Surprisingly, they all embraced the idea and found it quite novelty.


As a parent, i am LOVING it! I had always craved seeing my kids in a typical uniform so this is truly a dream come true.  Additionally, we all know exactly what’s needed and when.

A downside for me though is making sure that have enough clean uniform to get through the week.  Already been caught out wi4th no clean shirts for the next day!

Over the summer, we fine tuned the uniform needs together with sensible shoes. Investing in Start Rite shoes for all 3.  They provided a range to suit all tastes and ages.  the importance of comfortable, good, leather shoes cannot be underestimated or growing feet.  Another welcome by me, allowing us to move away from tatty sneakers or ‘fashion’ shoes each day!

All 3 kids are settling in well.  I am amazed at their gusto and lack of fear as they approached the schools on the early days.  They made new friends, learned new rules and buildings and got stuck into doing their best work.

My teenager, who had the most on the line, amazes me with her courage and attitude.   She is engaged and eager to learn.  Seeking out all activities she can and allowing us to advocate her needs on her behalf.

I think we can say, the kids will have good school year and already, experienced so much new…..Here’s to more to come!