Glastonbury Tor


View of 15th century tower atop the Tor

We are fortunate to live close by to many historical sites in the UK.  One of which is Glastonbury and the Tor.   So one grey afternoon, we headed out to walk up to the landmark we frequently drive by as we are headed to the motor way.

Many of you will be familiar with Glastonbury as being the home of one of the worlds largest music festivals each year.  This is in the the same area so given the Pagan links of this site, it does attract a fair few of the new age festival goers year round!

Glastonbury Tor is a National Trust property but it is open to all.  There is no NT parking so a membership doesn’t support you in that respect either.  Parking can be found in town or close by at a local slipper factory.

According to National Trust, Glastonbury Tor is a ‘prominent hill overlooking the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and Somerset’.  It is an ancient and spiritual site where Pagan beliefs are still very much celebrated.  The Tor dates back 5000 years and is steeped in history.  The Tower is remains from a structure (St Michaels) erected in the 15th century.

The walk is fairly short but steep! We were fine but some may find it a little more strenuous than others.   Despite the weather not being great, it was pretty busy.  I can only imagine that in warmer months, this place is quite crowded.  The walk is mostly on a pathway so easy to navigate.  Its best to stick to the pathway towards the top to avoid eroding the steep sides of the Tor.   Part way up there is a bench for anyone needing to take a break.  Of course, my crew sat as soon as they could!   Dogs are welcome but as sheep are frequently grazing around the Tor, its best to keep them on lead.

The walk up to the top of the Tor are spectacular and are worth the climb.  There are 360 views of the surrounding areas and into Wales.


St Michaels Tower – the top!


The trip to the top and back didn’t take long.  Maybe 45 minutes.  I could imagine on a nice warm day, bringing a little picnic and sitting atop and breathing in the view.  But as I said, probably with a lot of others doing the same thing.   That said this is a great stop off if you are passing, or even destination and spend the rest of the day in the surrounding area.

When we were done, we chose not to go to Glastonbury town but to Street.  A stark contrast to the history we just explored but a welcome change for the kids 🙂

Street is just 2 miles from Glastonbury and home of the Clarks Outlet Village.  It was my first time here and I was pleasantly surprised.  A good selection of shops for all ages and nicely laid out.  Good options for a cup of coffee and more if desired.

So if you’re looking a day out in the Southwest to please everyone, this combo works well.

Now, if only we could get the sheep off the road to get home!