Manchester – Didsbury


Poplars of Didsbury

I’ve written a little about Didsbury in a post prior (Community Re-defined) but this post is just a little more about the area and a recent trip ‘home’.

I’ve been lucky to have had a week ‘off’ and stay in Manchester with my brother and sister in law.  Just me, no kids, and days to relax, explore and fine dining!

The week was filled with sunshine which is always a bonus.

One day, we explored the Trans Penine Trail, as it runs through Didsbury (and beyond). For all the years I lived in Didsbury, I had no idea about this pathway.   I knew of one short section…a small stretch that we always need to run along for school cross country (any Parrs Wood Alum will remember this), but I never thought about where the path led to in either direction.


We accessed the path off Barlow Moor Road.  At the end of Darley Avenue you will find an access path to the trail along the river.  We headed left towards Didsbury (beyond will take you all the way to Stockport too).

You can walk either side of the river, with several crossing points along the way.   The path is a lovely alternative to getting around.  Walking, running and biking.   Wildlife is aplenty with birds and butterflies and it was so peaceful.


We ended our river walk at Fletcher Moss Park.  Another haunt from my childhood.  Again, if you are visiting Didsbury/ South Manchester, these parks are a must.  They are beautiful and and lovely serene spot central in a bustling area.


There is a lot to explore here, including some older buildings and churches steeped in history for the local area.

The river walk and exploring Didsbury can take up a day.  With Didsbury a booming ‘village’, there are also plenty of options for coffee or something a little stronger 🙂

On a different day, we strolled around another beautiful park – Marie Louise Gardens.  Situated in West Didsbury with an entrance on Palatine Road.  It was given to the citizens of Manchester in 1903 by Josephine Silkenstadt, in memory of her daughter, Marie Louise, who died young.   As a child/ young adult, I spent hours in these gardens.  Again, another hidden haven in the area.  The squirrels have a reputation of being friendly and you can feed them directly if you would like!   Its a favorite place of mine and I have fond memories of my dad here.  He grew up locally to the area and I am sure, as a child, he visited the park often too.

If you have time to dine and drink in the area, the Rose Garden on Burton Road is a must.   My brother is a regular there and I had the pleasure of lunch one day.  The food was amazing and possibly one of the best restaurant meals I have had.

For drinks, Burton Road is overflowing with bars!  We enjoy Folk – offering indoor and outddor seating and its always busy so atmosphere is guaranteed!



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