So as you know, we lost our two precious kitties within the space of a year.  If broke our hearts.  They had been with us for 17 years….true family members.  Our stories are detailed here and here.

When you have such amazing pets and then lose them, a fear is instilled that you couldn’t possibly be able to replace them.  Not even looking to replace them, but is it even possible to find new pets that bring as much joy to the house or ones that could be loved as much?

I insisted we took a break from cat ownership for a while.  I/ we needed time to grieve our loss recognize their impact on our family.

But when we were ready, with my new work situation, i.e not working 9-5 in an office, but being at home, we considered a fostering situation.   To allow us to receive cats and kittens, assess how they fit with our family and then move into adoption if it works out.

I had my heart set on adopting an older cat and also a kitten.  Kittens will always get adopted but the kids really wanted one and the older cats tend to get passed over so I wanted to do the right thing and truly help a cat in need too!

So I registered with a local Animal Shelter to become a foster parent, and before long, we welcomed a mother and her 4 kittens into our household…



I don’t think I will ever forget the look of joy on my youngest’s face a we went to collect our foster babies.   All her dreams we coming true right there.  She stopped and paused at the doorway to the shelter, turned to me and said, ‘mom, I’m so happy…’   She really was!

We lucked out.  Mom and her kittens were beautiful.   Our own calendar kittens.   So beautiful we couldn’t stop taking photos!


Who knows what the story is but they had been transported to Maine from a high kill shelter in the southern states in of the USA.  I believe spaying and neutering rates in the south are quite low, hence lots of unwanted babies.   We do think Mama lived in a home before. She knew the sound of kibble being poured into her bowl and the unmistakable pop of cat food tin being opened.    She was/ is also an amazing mother.   She doted on her kittens and kept them safe yet never stopped us from caring for them and then playing with them.   She was in an emaciated state when we got her.   Feeding her babies and not being nourished her self.  Immediately, we set to work on getting her healthy but she always ensured her babies ate before she did.  It took a while but she is now a healthy kitty.

IMG_6219 (1)

The love the kittens brought into our home…


Heart shaped kittens….need I say more..?

We knew pretty quickly that we were going to keep 2 of these beautiful kitties.  Mum and one kitten!   What we didn’t anticipate was the agonizing decision of picking a favorite kitten!!!  Who knew it would be so hard!   There was Tilly – a girl whom looked just like her mom, Crumpet, the smallest orange boy that was gentle and loving.  Ned – a bruiser, purrer and needy and then Marmalade with the most beautiful eyes and tufts on his ears.


I was able to re-home the 3 remaining kittens and luckily all new homes didn’t mind who they had so we litterally had to the day of hand over to make up our minds.

We did 3 family votes…..every time one  specific kitten won.  Every time, the girls cried as they didn’t want that kitten?!?  Then why was he winning?    They were voting!

In the end, I/we went with the vote……and never looked back.

Ned, we love you so and Mama Millie does too.

IMG_6565 (1)

Ned and Millie

PS – adopting mom has been a delight but sadly didn’t quite satisfy my desire to adopt and older cat.  Turns out mom is just a kitten herself!

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